Our Trainers



 经历 – 台湾嘉义幸福花嫁整体造型学院创办人&造型总监。

  • 婚纱整体造型设计十年
  • 各类杂志写真整体造型
  • 广告CF彩妆造型师
  • 新娘物语推荐全省最IN专业新秘
  • 台北catherine婚纱店造型师
  • 香港幸福花嫁整体造型学院分院讲师
  • 大同技术学院专任造型讲师
  • 马来西亚沙巴SHEILA学院特聘讲师

Taiwan Cathy’s Bridal Image Makeup Academy director, Ms Cathy who is based in Taiwan has been in the industry over 20 years. She specializes in bridal makeup and hairstyling, particularly Taiwan and Korean styling. Through her years of teaching, she has attracted many students from various countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Her past experience includes:

  • Director of Taiwan Cathy’s Bridal Image Academy
  • Bridal image design over 10 years
  • Makeup artist of Taiwan’s bridal magazine
  • Makeup artist of CF TV commercial shoot
  • Awards【Weddings】magazine Taiwan most fashionable Bridal makeup artist
  • Taipei Catherine bridal house makeup artist
  • Lecturer of Hong Kong Cathy’s Bridal image academy
  • Lecturer of Tatung Institute of Technology academy
  • Lecturer of Malaysia Sabah SHEILA Makeup Academy

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